Janet Dugdale

Janet Dugdale  IMG_8507

Director of Museum of Liverpool & Merseyside Maritime Museum

National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

The Long Game or fearless friendships for the modern museum


Responsive, resilient, outward-facing museums need to be agile, connected and approachable.

Using examples from the Museum of Liverpool, a new city history museum opened in 2011, as well as from National Museums Liverpool’s other history museums, The Long Game will illustrate ways in which museums can be nimble when developing and maintaining relationships. Patience, a good understanding of societal change, and the ability to reach out have enabled the Museum of Liverpool to attract more than 3 million visitors.

The Long Game will explore ten ways to develop programmes, projects and collections for museums that have real meaning and are based on values of social justice. Can we create lively museums that make friendships and make a difference?


Janet Dugdale is Director of Museum of Liverpool and Interim Director of Merseyside Maritime Museum at National Museums Liverpool. She has worked in history museums for more than 25 years and is a Fellow of the Museums Association.


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