Yung-Neng Lin

IMG_3881  Lin

Associate Professor of National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan (NTUE)

Museums and Audience Development


Museums and galleries around the world encounter in a turbulent environment recent years. They not only face the financial difficulties due to the cut of grant in aid by the government, but also have to compete for visitors with the growing number of new museums and leisure activities. Thus, audience development is crucial for the survival of museums.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework for building and embedding audience development at museum sector. Developing audience for museums and galleries embraces a wide range of outcomes – from increasing the frequency of attendance by existing audience, to attracting non-visitors and broadening the range of people who attend and participate. Audience development is a planned and targeted management process which involves programming and marketing working together to deliver a museum’s objectives. It ensures that museums and galleries continue to be relevant to all the different communities of interest they serve.


Yung-Neng Lin is the Dean of College of Continuing Education at the National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan. He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. His research area mainly focuses on museum management and audience development. He has been commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan to establish the national standard and key performance indicators for museum sector. He is also the Director of the National Cultural Statistics Survey project in 2009. One of his articles entitled “Leisure – a function of museums? The Taiwan perspective” was awarded Best Paper for 2006 in he Management category in the international, peer reviewed Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship.


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