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Workshop 1 – Hiromi Takao and Masami Terada

Future session for co-creating the agile museum as social platform

‘Future Session’ is a facilitation process method to generate solutions for diverse social issues with participants. Recently, museums have had various roles, not only traditional roles, but now as socially inclusive platforms. In this session, we’d like to co-create new partnerships and real action plans for the ‘agile museum’.

Workshop 2 – Janet Dugdale

Making it Real

Janet Dugdale 2 workshop

Workshop 3 – Annette Loeseke

Developing contemporary exhibition formats that respond to changing reception practices

Workshop 4 – Michael Day

Museum leadership – Now and in the future

Michael workshop 3 Michael workshop 5

Workshop 5 – Clare Hughes and Suzanne MacLeod

Pushing and pulling the envelope

Clare and Suzanne 5 Clare and Suzanne 4

Workshop 6 – Alana Ryder

A laboratory for learning and research – responsive collaborations between the university and academic museum

Alana 5 Alana 4

Workshop 7 – Viv Golding

Communicating Identities – Unity in Diversity

Workshop 8 – Tracy Puklowski

Organisational values – what’s at the heart of your museum?

Workshop 9 – Simon Knell and Masanori Oki

The museum – an agile concept

Workshop 10 – Nadia Cannat and Maia W. Gahtan

Towards a museum of the voices of Europe

Workshop 11 – Jocelyn Dodd

Stories of a Different Kind: Viewing collections through a new lens